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Welcome to Chef Geir's interactive Q&A section.
In order to post a culinary question, simply click on the button to the right.  This is a new and improved format.  The previous bulletin board host went out of business.  This format allows you to view other visitors questions too.  I believe this will be very useful, since I often got repeat questions when I e-mailed replies to everybody individually.  It is also a pleasure for me to share with you, the wide range of questions I get.  When was in business, I got questions form all the corners of the earth.  Now I have cyber friends in Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Alaska, and many other places.
If you are just looking for a recipe, please explore the vast selection of such on my home-page before you post a question.  Chances are that you will be able to find it there within minutes anyway.
Please respect your fellow Culinarians by using appropriate language.  Any violations will be removed from the bulletin board.
Most of the time, I will post an answer within 24 hours, but please allow as much as 72 hours.  After all, this is no longer my only job.  To check for reply, you must return here, so do not forget the address:  I recommend that you book mark it, or even better, why don't you make it your start-up page?
If you have more than one question for me, please post them separately with different subject lines, that way other viewers can see the content easier.
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