The restaurant will feature multiple wall to wall aquariums, an in-the-ceiling aquarium (to give the sensation of being under the water).
Although the theme of this restaurant is heavily SCUBA inspired, it is NOT only for divers.  It will be a friendly and warm atmosphere that will appeal to every body.  The "mysterious DEEP BLUE" ambiance will be especially intriguing to kids, and people who have not yet experienced the thrill of exploring the underwater world.
The bar will have an island / sailing / watersport theme decorated with windsurfer sails lining the ceiling.  Instead of bar stools, the bar will be surrounded with swings hanging from the ceiling.
Where the walls are not covered with aquariums, there will be columns with bubbles, and the walls painted gradiate blue similar to the background on this web-page.
There  will be a wide screen TV or projection TV that may be utilized for video/DVD, and while idle, an animated underater theme will be displayed.
Vintage SCUBA gear will be displayed throughout the restaurant.  Sand dollars, conch shells and the likes will be utilized as table center pieces.
Innovative mixed drinks will be offered along with beers and wines matching the theme as much as possible.  A compressed air tank will be hanging from the ceiling for "bar fun".  May be used in place of a bar bell.
A membership card will be offered with "frequent diver miles", where  total charges will earn the guest 15 cents on a dollar that can be used towards future visits in the bar, the restaurant, the gift shop (t-shirts, watersports equipment etc).  Snail-mail and e-mail addresses are required to be a member.  This will allow us to promote special events.  These two features will increase  repeat business dramaticly.