Norwegian Seafood Gratinee
3    oz    Butter
3    oz    Flour
6    oz    Strong stock from fish and steamed mussels and clams (If none available,
             use clam juice or clam base and water).
4     floz Heavy cream
6     ea   Eggs, beaten
1     lb    Leftover fish/seafood such as salmon, cod, tilapia etc. broken up in to about 2 oz pieces
8     oz   Shrimp any size, however bigger is better.
5-6  oz   Crab meat (you may use artificial crab meat to reduce cost)
4-5  oz   Clams and mussels in the shell for garnish.
2     oz   Shredded mozzarella
1     oz   Bread crumbs
2     tsp  Herb the Provance
1.   Melt butter and stir in equal weight flour to make roux.  Cook for a few minutes
      over low heat.  Stir well to break up any lumps.
2.   Heat stock to boiling and add roux (flour and butter) while stirring and simmer until
      very thick (like porridge). 
3.   Remove from heat, and add cream (cold).
4.   Let cool for about 15 minutes while stirring every so often.
5.   Blend in the eggs.
6.   Fold in the cooked seafood (fish and shellfish).  Be gentle to avoid breaking up the
      fish too much.
7.   Pour mixture in to greased, heat resistant pan full.
8.   Mix equal parts (volume, not weight) of cheese and breadcrumbs.
9.   Sprinkle over the seafood mixture.
10. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until set (or internal temperature of 155
      degrees).  DO NOT OVER COOK, or it will be dry.
11. Garnish with warm mussels and clams in the shell, lemon crown and fresh parsley
Chef Geir S. Kilen
All rights reserved