A= Pasilla: Pod length is 6-12" long and 1-2" wide. Fruit color is dark green, turning brown at maturity. Usually dried before use in moles and salsas.
B= Cayenne: Mature red fruit are 5-10" long and wrinkled. Irregular in shape, highly pungent, often used as dried, ground powder. Also used fresh in salads, sauces and dishes.
C= Long Green: (Hatch - New Mexican - Anaheim) chili. Fruit are from 4 - 12" long & 2" wide, green to red at maturity, but also may be yellow, orange to brown. Many different varieties abound. Range from sweet to hot. Used green as fresh, canned or frozen. Mature are usually dried and ground into chili powder or paprika if sweet. Also used in salsas.
D= Wax: Yellow when immature, orange-red at maturity. Can be pungent or non-pungent. Vary from 2-8" long and about 2" wide. Used pickled or fresh in salads and relishes.
E=Jalapeno: Fruit are thick walled, conical shaped, dark green when immature turning red at maturity and most cultivars are highly pungent. Fruit may show cracking or corkiness, which is a desirable trait in Mexico. Length varies widely. Used canned, pickled, salsas or fresh. When dried by smoking they are called chipotle.
F= Ancho: (Poblano) The fruit are heart shaped, pointed, thin walled with an indented stem attachment. Immature fruit are dark green with mature fruit being either red or brown. Fruit are 3-4" long and about 2" wide and are mildly pungent. The pepper of choice to make chili rellenos.
G= Cherry. Like the name suggests, round or slightly flattened, green to red, hot or sweet. Similar use to wax pepper.
H= Chinense: (Habanero. Scotch Bonnet Bahamian- Jamaican) In this species, diversity is enormous. Popular in Jamaica, Yucatan and Brazil. Very, very hot and persistent, but aromatic. Fruit are 1-2.5" long and 1-2" wide. Green to variable mature colors of yellow, orange, red or white. Used dried as a spice, fresh or processed. Plant starts slower than most other pepper types.
I=Serrano: Fruit are 112" wide and 2-3" long. Medium walls and shaped similar to Jalepeno and is the pepper of choice in Salsa Verde and other southwestern relishes.
J= Red Chili: 1/2" wide by 2.5" long fruit are green when immature to red at maturity. Fruit have thin walls, taper to a point. and are used for drying, processing and sauce. Hot!
K=Thai Hot: Green fruit to red at maturity, very hot, tiny 3/8" wide by 1" long fruit. Popular in oriental markets.
O= Ornamentals: Peppers classified, as ornamentals do not carry a characteristic that makes them in edible. They are individuals from the many groups previously listed that happen to have leaves and fruit that are particularly attractive and give them ornamental value.

Bls= Bacterial Spot
PMV=Pepper Mottle Virus
TEV=Tobacco Etch Virus
Phy=Phytophthora Root Rot
TMV=Tobacco Mosaic Virus
PVY-Potato Virus Y

Peppers: Sweet Bell Hybrids: Green-Red  
Variety Days Flesh Shape Disease Features
Acapulco 68 Thick D TMV, PVY, TEV, BlsT A Vilmorin pepper suited for those tough conditions (short days, cold). Has a very vigorous plant, early, with very heavy thick walled fruit
Bell Boy 71 Thick E, 3-4 lobe TMV AAS winner. Large fruited fresh market or garden.
Bell Tower 73 Thick C, 3-4 lobe TMV, PVY High yielding, widely adapted hybrid that will perform well under cool conditions.
Bendigo 66 Thick C, 3-4 lobed TMV An early Enza pepper for the red pick market or processing
Big Bertha 70 Thick E, Elongated TMV Very large peppers. Market or home garden.
Bonita 77 Thick C, 4 lobed TMV, BIsT A new widely adapted Ferry hybrid with large slightly elongated fruit. Has a vigorous plant with excellent fruit cover. A consistant high yielder.
Brigadier 71 Thick B,Lg. Blocky Blsl,2,3 PVY A new large, blocky green to red with good disease resistance, medium plant height, and is widely adapted. Fruit will not cheese in cool weather. Deeper fruit than Sentry but not as deep as Commandant. A top performer in trials.
Camelot 75 Thick B, elongated TMV A main season hybrid with thick walled, very large fruits. 1 st set concentrated.
Commandant 80 Thick Dp Blocky,B TMV, PVY, PMV, Blsl,2.3 A New Rogers hybrid with excellent disease protection, plus fruit size that is comparable to Camelot. Will produce a lot of fruit in the premium price category.
Clovis 68 Thick A, Elongated TMV A popular elongated hybrid with thick walled fruit. Sets continuously.
Elisa 68 Thick A Elongated TMV, PVY One of the earliest of the blocky, elongated type from NK. Good choice for 1 st plantings.
Enterprise 71 Thick B Blsl,2,3,TMV,PVY' A New early mid-season disease resistant large blocky pepper hybrid from Asgrow that has shown excellent performance in field conditions. Vigorous plant.
Figaro 70 Thick C, Blocky TMV, PVY,TEV, Stip, Bls A new Vilmorin hybrid with a vigorous plant with smooth, well shaped, large-blocky fruit and continuous set. Requires less nitrogen than standard varieties.
Galaxy 76 Thick C, 4 lobed TMV, PVY Performs well, especially in cool areas. Sets fruit early. Blocky to semi-elongated.
Gator Belle 67 Medium C, 3-4 lobe TMV Highly productive fresh market pepper.
Guardian 74 Thick C, 4 lobed BIsj,2, PVY, TMV, TEV Another New Rogers pepper, continuous set, disease resistant.
Jingle Bells 60 Med-Thin 1 1/2" x 1, 1/2" Blocky TMV A miniature bell pepper with many uses. Bedding plant, container, home garden or miniature gourmet market. A sure winner.
King Arthur 68 Thick C, 3-4 lobe TMV, PVY, Bls, 2, TEV Sets well in heat. Large true blocky fruit. Very disease tolerant. Early main season.
Lantern 76 Thick B, 3-4 lobed TMVO,1,2 S A new medium maturity Enza hybrid with large thick walled fruit, a strong plant with good cover. Very productive.
Maestro 66 Thick D, 4 lobed TMV, PVY,S A large, Enza early bell with good disease protection on a short plant with few shoots and good fruit cover.
Maite 74 Thick D, 4 lobed TMV, PVY,S A large medium early blocky Enza hybrid with thick walls and superior fruit quality. Has a strong vigorous plant.
Merlin 68 Thick C, Elongated   Early main season blocky bell for N -Eastern U.S. Slightly later than Lady Bell. An early Bell Captain.
North Star 63 Thick E, 4 lobed TMV A New Asgrow dark green to yellow pepper that turns slowly to yellow. Has excellent disease resistance. Has shown excellent yields over an extended harvest season.
Palidin 75 Thick     Beautiful golden fruit. Harvest the crown set at green, let the remaining fruit go to gold.
Sentry 75 Thick Very Blocky   A new green to yellow, deep blocky hybrid from PETO. Smooth, main season, high yields and concentrated set.
Ranger 75 Thick D 4 lobed TMV Plants similar to Keystone Resistand Giant. Larg Fruit.
Peppers : Ornamental  
Variety Days Flesh Color Type Scoville Rating Use Features
Floral Gem 65 Med Thick Orange-Red D - 0 Wax 1000 to 4000 Ornamental-Processing Early, highly ornamental with orange-red fruit. Pickled in the green state as Torrido peppers.
Marbles 65 Thin Creme Yellow-Red Marble   Ornamental A unique pepper variety with horizontal branches bearing many fruit that arel from cream to yellow to red in color.
NuMex Twilight 70 Thick Grn-Yellow-Orange - Red Pequin shape 1000 Ornamental Many small fruitin all shades of coloron a plantwith green foilage. An excellent' choice for an ornamental planting.
NuMex Sunburst 70 Thin Bright Orange O DeArbol 500-1000 Ornamental 2 - 3" upright fruit that are bright orange when mature. An excellent ornamental plant. Good flavor.
NuMex Sunglow 70 Thin Bright Yellow O DeArbol 500-1000 Ornamental 2 - 3" upright fruit that are bright yellow when mature. An excellent ornamental: plant. Good flavor.
Pretty Purple 75 Med Thick Purple-Red D - O Wax 5000 Market Ornamental A purple, smaller fruited, purple leaved pepper with fruit having Sante Fe: Grande shape.
Thai Hot 70 Thin Green-Red K - O Exotic 80,000 Market Small, low growing (8")ornamental plants with numerous small, 1 fruits. Very: Hot.
Varingata 75 Thin Purple-Red O Exotic 50,000 Ornamental A pepper with varigated foilage, white, green to purple. Fruit shape similar to: the Jalapeno or Santa Fe Grande.
Peppers: Hot Hybrids  
Variety Days Flesh Color Type Scovill Rating at Maturity Use Disease Features
Ancho Ranchero 70 Medium Dark Green Ancho 1000 Fresh Market   Has a tall sturdy plant, very large fruit, somewhat lighter fruit, than OP Ancho. High yields.
Ancho Vila 80 Medium Dark Green Ancho 1000 Fresh Market PVY PeMo Larger fruited, higher yielding hybrid with less pointed fruit than, OP varieties. Has a tall plant.
Cherry Bomb 68 Thick Green to Red Cherry 2500 to 5000 Market Processing TMV A high yielding hybrid cherry pepper from PETO
Grande 75 Med. Thick Green to Red E Jalapeno 4,000 to 6,000 Market Processing TEV, PVY A New PETO hybrid with a very vigorous plant, very large fruitl and is a high yielder.
Inferno 60-65 Medium Yellow to red D Wax 2500 to 4500 Market Pickling   A pendant, hot banana type. For fresh market or pickling. Very. productive and uniform.
Garden Salsa - F1 73 Medium Thick Green to Red C, Aneheim 2500 to 3500 Processing Market TMVO An anaheim type hybrid from PETO with thin skin and high yields. Used for salsa, roasting etc.
Hungarian Heat 60 Medium Yellow - Red D Wax 2500 Market Processing   High yields of straight, longer, slightly thinner hot banana pep_:, pers. Tall, sturdy plants.
Hybrid #7 55 Thick Dk.Green - Red E, Jalapeno 4000-6000 Processing Market   A new early jalapeno that is setting records for early yields plus, large fruit for growers. Try in 99.
Jalapa 60 Thick Med. Green-red E, Jalapeno 4500 to 6000 Processing Market   A very early, uniform, milder than Jalapeno M. for fresh market or home garden.
Jalepe Mild Hybrid 65 Thich Green - Red Jalapeno 800 Processing Market   A mild Jalapeno hybrid with 3" fruitthat are mild and excellent for. processnig or market.
Mexibell Imp. 70 Thick Green red Bell shape 2500 Home Garden   Tall upright, vigorous plant. Outstanding for the bedding plant. trade.
Mitla 65 Thick Dk. Green Red E, Jalapeno 4000 to 6000 Processing Market TMV An early Jalapeno M type that produces exceptional yields of very uniform large fruit. Upright plant, continuous set.
Delicias 65-70 Thick Green to Red E, Jalapeno 500 or less Processing Market TMV, PVY, TEV A brand new, very productive PETO hybrid with much less pun-: gency than even Tam #11.
Mesilla- 70 Thick Gr. To Brilliant Red B, Cayenne Lg. Thick 2000-4000   TMV, TEV, PVY A Lg. thick Cayenne hybrid with superior disease resistance and higher yield than OP's.
Pecos - F1 81 Thick Green to Red E, Jalapeno 6000 Processing Market   A new elongated, pungent, very dark green Jalapeno hybrid: from Rogers. Has exhibited tendency for easier de-steming than others.
Romanian Hot Hyb. 65 Medium Yellow - Red Wax 2 1/2 x 5" 1,000 Market Home Garden   A larger blockier, yellower fruited, and higher yielding Romanian (Semi-hot) hybrid. An outstanding choice to replace Romanian Hot.
Super Chili 75 Thin Green Orange Red J, Exotic 40,000 to 50,000 Market Home Garden   AAS Winner. Early, very productive. Home garden. An excellent substitute for Asian cooking.
Super Cayenne 72 Thin Light Green Red B, Cayenne Lg. Thick 40,000 to 50,000 Market Home Garden   AAS Winner. Early, very productive. Home garden.
Tula - F1   Thick Dark Gr Red E, Jalapeno 4000 to 6000 Fresh Processing TMV A newjumbo (3-5 x 2") Jalapeno hybrid from PETO that has per-: formed very well in trials and farmers fields. Resists purpling.
Volcano 63 Medium Yellow to red D, Wax 2500 to 4500 Market Processing   A superior, high yielding hot Hungarian wax type pepper. Good foliage protection.
Peppers: Hot OP  
Variety Days Flesh Color Class Type Scovill Rating at Maturity Use Disease Features
Ancho Gigantia 90 Med Thick Green to Browr Ancho 1,000 to1,500 Fresh Market   A larger fruited Ancho type that will hold its size better in:: warmer seasons.
Anaheim (Mild) 75 Med Thick Dark Green-Red C, Long Green 250 and less     A mildly pungent pepper with continuous fruiting.
Anaheim TMR 23 (Hot) 75 Med Thick Dark Green-Red C, Long Green 900 to 3500   TMV A pungent pepper for canning, freezing or market.
Cayenne Golden 72 Thin Green -Yellow B, Cayenne 1000 to 1500.     A golden- yellow version of the cayenne pepper.
Cayenne Long-Slim 72 Thin Green- Red B, Cayenne 30,00 to 50,000 Dehy. Processing   Very productive, pungent, home garden variety.
Cayenne Large Red Thick 75 Med Thick Green- Red B, Cayenne 30,00 to 50,000 Dehy. Processing   The commercial variety of the long thin pepper used as a dried: ground powder.
Charleston Hot 72 Thin Lt Green to Orange B, Cayenne 70,000 to 100,000 Dehy. Processing   A New Hot variety developed by the USDA. Known as the hot-.: test Cayenne type. Resistant to many types of nematodes.
Chiltepin 80 Thin Green- Red Oval   Home garden   A very hot, wild, miniature chili pepper usually harvested in the; wild in the southwestern U.S. Most homes in the southwest: have a plant or two growing in their garden.
China Express 75 Thin Dk. Green to Red J - 0 Exotic 60-80,000 Dehy Processing   The pepper variety that adds the heat to those dishes in the: Chinese Restaurants. The fruit grow upright in clusters on the~' ends of the branches.
Cow Horn 75 Thick Dk. Green to Red     Home Garden   A 10" long pepperwhose fruit curl at the tip and look like a large: cow horn. Hot, great for sauces.
Early Jalapeno 63 Thick Green- Red E, Jalapeno 4000 to 6000 Processing Market   Uniform, hot fruit, processing, market.
Habanero (RED) 90 Thin Gr. to Bright Red H, Chinese 300,000 Plus Market Processing   An even hotter strain of Habanero with large bright red fruit.
Habanero 90 Thin Lt. Green-Orange H, Chinese 200,000 Processing Market   The hottest pepper that fits both into fresh market or processing. Often used in the dried powdered form.
Huasteco 80 Med. Dk.Green Red Serrano 2,500 to 4000 Market PVY,TEV,PeMV Huasteco has an upright 29-31 " plant and its flexible stem provides resistance to damage during harvest. Fruit are 2-3" in, length.
Hot Portugal 64 Thick Green- Bright Red     Garden -Mkt.   Bears elongated narrow fruit, 7-8" long, glossy scarlet with superb pepper flavor and medium heat.
Hungarian Yellow Wax-Hot 70 MedThick Yellow- Red D, Wax 750 to 3000 Market Pickling   Early, productive garden, market & processing.
Jalapeno M 73 Thick Green- Red E, Jalapeno 3500 to 6000 Processing Market   Uniform, pungent, processing & market.
Jamaica Gold 75 Thin Green- Bright Gold H Chinense 150,000 Market   A beautiful bright gold fruited variety that originated in Jamaical in the same family as Habanero but earlier.
Jamaica Red 75 Thin Green - Bright Red H, Chinese 150,000 Processing Market   A bright red variety that originated in Jamaica in the same family as Habanero but earlier.
Mulato 80 Med Dk. Green-Brown F Ancho 1,000 to 1,500 Processing Market   An ancho type pepper that at maturity turns brown instead oV red. Slightly shorter than Ancho 10 1.
Nu Mex Joe E Parker 80 Thick Dark Green - Red C Long Green 1000 Processing Market   An improved NuMex 6-4 type long green with thicker flesh,1 more uniform pods and higher yields. Medium Heat.
Ole PVP 60 MedThick Dark Green-Red E Jalapeno 2500 to 4000. Processing Market   A Ferry Morse jumbo Jalapeno variety with high yields on a: medium sized plant and medium hot fruit.
Pasillo Bajio 75 Thin Dk. Green-Brown A, Pasilla 250 or less Market   Thin cylindrical pods, brown at maturity, 6 -12" long. Distinctive, mild flavor. Excellent for mole sauces.
Pepperoncini (Italian) 62 Thin Green - Yellow Slightly Wrinkled Mild Processing Market   A pepper that is slightly wrinkled with a fine flavor for eating! fresh or pickled. Originated in southern Italy and is ular in: POP
Pepperoncin! (GreGolden) 65 Thin Green -Yellow Inverted Tip. Mild Processing Market   A pepperoncini strain that is known for superior eye appeal and flavor when used as a processed product. Fruit are also: shorter than the Italian strain.
Red Cherry (Large-Hot) 75 MedThick Med. Green- Red G Cherry 3500 Processing Market   Processing and home garden, pickling.
Red Chill (small) 82 Thin Green- Red J Exotic 60-80,000     Processing, home garden, drying, sauce.
Romanian Hot (semi-Hot) 70 MedThick Yellow -Orange Wax 1500 Processing Market   A unique pepper used for processing and home garden.
Santa Fe Grande 75 Thick Yellow - Or. Red D Wax May-00     A very prolific variety used in the southwest.
Scotch Bonnet 90 Thin Green - Yellow H Chinense 200,000 Market Processing   A popular hot pepper from the Carribian area. Similar in heat', and shape to Habanaro except shorter.
Serrano Chill 75 M Thin Green -Red I Serrano 2500 to 4000. Pickling Market PVY Shaped like a miniature Jalapeno. Very pungent for pickling,! market and sauce.
Serrano Tampinqueno 75 M Thin Green- Red I Serrano 2500 to 4000 Pickling Market   The predominant strain of Serrano used in the fresh market 1, production areas.
Tam Jalapeno #1 (Mild) 67 Thick Green- Red E Jalapeno 900 to 3500 Processing Market PVY Milder than Jalapeno M. Processing & market.
Tabasco 75 Thin Lt. Green- Red K frutescenes 80,000 Processing   The hot sauce pepper with slender light green to red fruit that are very hot. 1.5" long.
TrInadad (Seasoning Pepper) 90 Thin Yellow to red Chinense 500 Market   A variety found by Dave Dewitt from the Chili Pepper magazine, same family as Habanero, butwith very low heat. Used fori its fruity flavor in cooking.
Peppers: SweetBell Hybrids: Other Colors  
Variety Days Flesh Color Shape Disease Features
Chocolate Beauty 68 Thick Green - Chocolate 3 - 4 lobe TMV An early green to chocolate blocky bell hybrid for the colored pepper market. Has large fruit that are very smooth, very sweet flesh.
Ivory 68 Medium Thick Ivory-Lavender-red 3-4 lobe, C TMV, STIP Unique ivory/waxy colored medium sized pepper for specialty markets. Very tolerant to sunburn.
Lilac 68 Thick Ivory-Lt. Yellow 3-4 lobe, D TMV, PVY Uniform lavender colored bell remains in the lavender stage for a long time. For specialty. markets.
Mandarin 75 Thick Green orange C TMV, Stip A green to pumpkin orange colored hybrid with beautiful elongated fruit for the specialty mar-. ket.
Valencia 70 Thick Green orange 4 lobed, C Dtis, TMV Valencia starts off with a glossy green fruit that matures to a rich orange color. Maintains firmness.
Blanca 66 Thick Ivort to Lt. Red 3-4 lobe TMVO Bianca means white in Italian. Larger and whiter than competitive varieties. Very early and. slow coloring from white to light red.
Choco 70 Thick Med Gr. - Chocolate 3-4 lobe TMV2 A larger, better quality, high yielding brown pepper that tastes great.
Mavras 68 Thick Purple 3 lobe TMV0 A large blocky, four lobed fruit with thick walls, plus, is superior to other purple competitors.
Mint Julip 68 Thick Mint Gr. Yellow 3-4 lobe TMVO A brand new colored pepper for your specialty market.
Queen 68 Thick Dark Gr. - Br. Orange 3-4 lobe TMVO An early maturing, medium to large blocky, dark green to vivid bright orange, sweet bell pep per. Good holding quality.
Tequila 68 Thick Lilac 3-4 lobe TMVO Larger and better quality than its other lilac competitors. Matures from lilac to a medium red color.
Peppers: Sweet Bell: OP  
Variety Days Flesh Color Shape Disease Features
Amethyst 75 Thick Green - Purple - Red 4 lobe blocky   A very thick walled classic four lobed bell that turns green to purple to red.
Big Red 75 Thick Green - Red 3-4 lobe   An OP example of those expensive red peppers found in the supermarkets today. Very Sweet.
California Wonder 300 74 Thick Green - Red B-4 lobe TMV Commercial grower variety for processing and market.
Capistrano (PVP) 75 Thick Green-Red B-4 lobed   Large blocky variety to compare with Jupiter.
Diamond 75 Thick White - Red 3 - 4 lobed   A translucent white to pale yellow pepper that matures to scarlet red, medium thick, great for stuffing.
Emerald Giant 74 Thick Dark Green - Red B, 4 lobe TMV Fresh market variety.
Golden Cal Wonder 73 Med-Thick Med. Green Yellow B, Blocky   A blocky golden bell at maturity for bedding plants and home garden.
Jupiter (PvP) 75 Thick Dark Green - Red A, 4 lobe   Blocky, high yielder, widely adapted, good canopy.
Merced TMR 75 Thick Green - Red 4 lobed   A variety from Ferry Morse that has been used by growers for red harvest. Excellent performance.
Keystone Res. Giant #3 74 Thick Green - Red B-4 lobe TMV Good market variety.
Orange Sun 75 Thick Green- Orange 3-4 lobed TMV A high yielding green to orange pepper with great potential for bedding plants for the home garden. Excellent flavor & quality.
Purple Beauty 74 Thick Purple 3-4 lobe TMV A purple pepper variety for specialty markets.
Sunbright 75 Thick Green-Yellow 5 x 7"   A yellow sister to Big Red. Sweet
Taurus (PVP) 76 Thick Green 4 lobed, 5 x 6" TMV, TEV A large fruited variety with a large branched plantthat sets its fruit without over crowding. Fewer mis-shapen fruits
Peppers: Misc. Sweet Types  
Variety Days Flesh Color Shape Disease Features
Aruba-F1 64 Medium Lime Green Cubanelle 7.5"   A new mild flavored, early, highly uniform cubanelle hybrid from Rogers that outsizes competing varieties. Continuous setting for a long harvesting season.
Banana Supreme- F1 65-70 Medium Yellow - Red G, 1.5 x 8"   Widely adapted, high yielding, Sweet Banana hybrid. Outyields OP by 30%. 1
Biscayne - F1 65-70 Medium Light Yellow G, 2 lobed   Cubanelle-type hybrid for fresh market. Large pendent fruit for frying.
Bulgarian Sweetie -F1 65 Thick Yellow - Red G, 2 1/2 x 8"   An extra large sweet banana type with a light green tinge with extra thick walls. Used by Croats, Albanians, Serbs and Slovaks.
Gypsy - F1 60-65 Medium Light Yellow G TMV AAS winner. Early, high yielding, good flavor.
Sweet Giant-F1 65 Med Whitish Yellow 2.5 x 5.5"   Atrue hungarian yellow stuffing pepper. High yields of sweet fruitwith a slight green tinge. Grow pendant on a tall bush.
Market Sweet-F1 65-70 Medium Yellow - Red G, 2.5 x 9"   A European bred hybrid with exceptional yield and jumbo fruit size. An outstanding: selection for market or processing.
Italica - F1 65 Medium Green 2-3 cell TMV An early Italian type hybrid for frying or relish. Sweet, thin skinned
Pimento Elite - F1 87 Thick Green - Red Heart - Oval TMV Performs much better than OP Pimentos in the North.Less heart shaped than Pimento L. 3" x 3.5"
RPP4277 - F1 70 Thick Yellow - Red 1.75 x 9" Bls 1,2,3 A new Bis resistant sweet banana pepper with superior fruit color and length when compared to Banana Supreme. High yields of smooth fruit.
Cubanelle 65 Medium Yellow-Green Orange-Red G, Tapering   Frying type, attractive fruit, home garden, market.
Corno di Toro (Red) 68 Thick Green - Red 8 - 10"   Italian Bull's Horn colorful, sweet and are delicious raw, sauteed or grilled. Prolific tall plants.
Corno di Toro (Yellow). 68 Thick Green - Yellow 8 - 10"   Italian Bull's Horn colorful, sweet and are delicious raw, sauteed or grilled. Prolific tall plants.
Giant Aconcagua 70 Medium Lt. Green - Red 8   Flavor very sweet. Delicious raw, stuffed, roasted or stir-fried. Best flavor when picked in the light green stage.
Marconi (Italian) Red 80 Med Thick Green- Red 2 lobe   A 13/4 x 8-9' sweet Italian pepper with a sweet flesh and thin skin.
Marconi (Italian) Yel. 80 Med Thick Green- Yellow 2 lobe   A 13/4 x 8-9" sweet Italian pepper with a sweet flesh and thin skin.
Pimento L 95 Thick Green - Red Heart Shape   Home garden, popular stuffer. Also for processing.
Romanian Sweet 67 Med. Lt. Yellow -Orange - Red 4 x 2.5", Tapering   Attractive fruit, garden or processing.
Sweet Banana 77 Med Thin Yellow - Red G, Tapering   Popular garden variety, very productive.
Sweet Cherry 78 Med Thick Green - Red Round   Home garden or processing, pickling.
Chocolate Baby 60 Thick Gr.-Red - Chocolate cherry   A very sweet thick fleshed cherry type pepper. Outstanding for stuffing and the baby vegetable': market. Fruit hold well at maturity.
Red Baby 60 Thick Green - Red Baby Bell 1, 1/4 x 1 1/4',   A sweet, thick fleshed miniature red bell pepper for the miniature veg market. Smaller and much: sweeter than Jingle Bells. Fruit hold well at maturity.
Yellow Baby 60 Thick Green - Yellow Baby Bell 1,1/4 x 1 1/4'   A sweet, thick fleshed miniature yellow bell pepper for the miniature veg market. Smaller, much; sweeter than Jingle Bells. Fruit hold well at maturity.