It should be relatively firm, but when you press a little harder with your finger, the skin  should give.
The color may vary between green, yellow and red (or have a combination of all).
The mango can be eaten raw and cooked.  It is almost almond shaped, and it has a almond shaped seed inside,  To cut it open, stand it up on it's side, and cut down a little bit to the side of the middle (in order to bypass the seed).  Then turn it over, and cut the same cut on the other side of the seed.  You should now have three pieces.  Discard the seed part (I like to gnaw on it, but it is full of fibers extending from the seed that may get stuck between your teeth).
Now, lets get to the remaining two pieces.  Hold one of them in you hand, skin side down, and use a table knife (no sharp tips), and score squares through the meat, but not through the skin.  Then fold "inside out".  You may serve it just like that, or remove the meat from the skin.
How to prepare Mango
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