The images above are taken from the 18 online cooking shows I was managing.  I was not the featured chef, however, I decided and produced the lay-out of the finished product, prior to the photographer could do his job..
Fresh Fruit Presentation
Cheese Presentation
Chef Frank and I are preparing Veal Chop topped with Asiago Risotto Crust & Portabella Sauce for a cooking show.
I managed the production of the 18 cooking shows ( and - yahoo!).  Click on the film projector to view.
Click on the film projector above to see more
Caramel Custard in chocolate "chair" garnished with edible orchid
Venison Pate.
The deer is made of puff-pastry
I won a silver medal with this "arctic delight" in US Chefs open in 1991
Team work!
Vegetable Crudite
My resume
Exposure on and