Because we men are too stupid to realize that other professions pay the same for 40 hours per week, so WE end up working 80 hours or so per week to make a living.
No, but seriously, it is a very tough business.  A respectable chef is expected to be there 70-90 hours per week (salary - no overtime pay).  A chef never calls out sick.  If your arm is broken, you can still use the other one, and you can still give out orders.  For almost 20 years that was my life.  Now I work "only" 50-60 hours per week, and I get to see my kids every evening and almost every week-end.
Please read my definition
"what is a Chef"
To be a chef, your associates look up to you, and expect you to be able to do more than what you ask them to do.  That is how you earn respect (the kind that is true, and not the kind that comes with the title).
I have hired only one female sous chef in my career.  Many more applied, but I do not lower my standards based on sex, race or religion (or sexual preference).  The one I hired worked as hard as a man (she almost looked like a man).  She did not need help to lift a 50 lbs bag of rice.  She could handle a knife better than most of us.  She did not whine when I asked her to stay a double shift when some hourly cook called out.
That is a chef!
Why are there more male-
than female Chefs?
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