5        lbs        Chicken thigh meat                      
most of fat trimmed of, cut in to 1-1.5” pieces
3        floz       Cooking oil or clarified butter
2        ea         Onion                                        
8-10   ea         Fresh Shallots                            
12-16 oz         Domestic Button Mushrooms       
(quartered if larger mushrooms are used)
3-4     lbs        Diced tomato                              
Fresh or canned (do not waste the juice)
2        oz        Fresh Garlic                                 
1        qt        Heavy Cream
3-4     oz        Chicken base
1-2     oz        Fresh tarragon                             
picked and chopped (save some whole sprigs for garnish)
4        floz      Brandy
5-8     oz        Roux                                          
Cornstarch slurry may be used as substitute

Sauté chicken thighs at moderate to high heat with a little oil (or clarified butter) in a tilt brazier or wide and thick bottomed rondo until it start browning, add the onion, shallots and mushrooms, and sauté for a few more minutes.  Add the diced tomatoes and juice.  If fresh tomatoes are used, add a little tomato juice or V-8 juice.  Add the minced garlic,   chicken base and heavy cream.  Let it simmer while stirring occasionally.  Ensure that the chicken base get dissolved properly.  Add the roux (or cornstarch) until it thickens to desired consistency (RAGOUT).  Remember to let it cook for a few minutes to allow the roux to dissolve and work properly.  Add the Brandy and the tarragon.


Have a great day, and have FUN cooking!
Chef Geir
Tarragon Chicken Ragout
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