Chances are that you first heard about me on or  I used to work for /, and we used to have a pretty neat website.  We provided culinary content for the sites mentioned above.  It was a very interesting job, and very rewarding to build a culinary cyber relationship with many of  the guests that posted questions to me.  In February 2001, the company ran out of funding, but most of us kept on working because we loved our jobs, and we were told that additional funding was on it's way.  Well, about $25 K in the hole, I decided I could not take it anymore. 
But the best part is that I have my own website (, that my faithful visitors can visit for their culinary needs, and I am still available to answer any culinary questions anybody might have.

I was born and raised in Norway, and did not know how much I would miss it before I did not have it any more.  The breath-taking nature, the social well being, combined with a very strong national economy and an almost crime free society.  I did not know it at the time, but now I know I had a childhood that most kids can only dream about (
please read my article).

My career choice goes further back than I can remember.  My mother told me that, as a little boy, I used to draw pictures of "my hotel".  She also told me that I had to work my way up the ranks, so I would know how to best operate the hotel.  As soon as I became of age, I started the education with business management school, followed by two years in culinary school and a year and a half in apprenticeship.  After passing the week long test, and getting my papers, I thought I was a chef, but it was not quite that easy (
become a chef).
"Do I know you from somewhere?..."
My biggest challenge while "climbing the culinary latter" came with my compulsory military service
where I was the only culinary trained chef assigned to cook on board the submarine KNM Sklinna.  I had to overcome minimum space and almost no refrigeration.  We found a place to store fresh milk and produce in the periscope shaft. The emergency dives turned the kitchen upside down with a 45-degree roll and 45 degree down angle.   The captain & crew were pleased with the food, and I was loaned out to other ships to prepare special holiday and retirement meals.

When my military duty was completed, I “got my feet wet” as chef for Southern Norway’s top restaurants.  Then, it was time to explore other cultures!  I got a job with Norwegian Cruise Lines on board the “MS Sunward II”, sailing the Caribbean.  I had never worked with people from so many different cultures and “walks of life”.  While in port in Nassau, Bahamas, I met my wife Cindy who worked in food & beverage for Carnivale cruise line.  We married and moved to Atlanta to start a family.

My first job in the US was as Executive Banquet Chef at Atlanta Airport Hilton Hotel and Towers - a beautiful 500-room hotel.  I was a part of the opening staff of the hotel in December 1988.  I had the opportunity to work and train under Executive Chef Richard Jallet (Internationally known, educated at Le Cordon Blue in Paris).  During my tenure, I achieved the highest banquet guest satisfaction scores in the Hilton’s nationwide system! 

I also picked up some "pointers" while working for Marriott and Sheraton.  Before I became a "cyber chef", I was, for almost five years, the executive chef at Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, where I supervised two kitchens, supplied first class food to two casual restaurants, a gourmet restaurant and an executive club lounge, room service in two hotels and a tremendous banquet business.
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