Preheat a heavy duty cast iron pan to medium/high to high.  Check the fillets for bones.  Remove if any.  Rinse well in cold water.  Pat dry.  Rub fillets with “Cajun Love”.  Add the Clarified Butter (or Oil) to the hot pan, and quickly add the fillets (the nicest side down first).  Make sure that you have the hood fan running at high, and that you have taken the battery out of your smoke detector, because it will smoke heavily.  It may also irritate your lungs when breathing in.  It is normal (BE BOLD AND BRAVE!).  After about a minute or two (depending on the heat), turn the fillet carefully over, and blacken on the other side.  If you like your blackened salmon to be well done (they are great medium), you may have to turn the temperature down a little in order to cook all the way without burning the masterpieces up. 

My personal preference to serve with this is Vidalia Onion Relish and/or shrimp and artichoke Remoulade.
6-8 oz. Salmon fillets
Cajun or Blackening seasoning
Clarified Butter or Oil
of your favorite vegetables (such as fresh Broccoli and Carrots)
of your favorite Starch (such as Black Beans & Rice) (1.25 Lb. is finished weight)
4    Portion
4    Tsp.
1    Oz.
4    Portion

1.25 Lbs.
Have a great day, and have fun cooking!

Chef Geir
Blackened Salmon