Shallots, minced
White wine
Heavy Cream
Unsalted Butter, cut in to 1" pieces
ground white pepper
4     ea
1     cup
1.5  cup
1     lb
1/4  tsp
1/4  tsp
Mince the shallots very fine.  Add shallots and white wine to a small thick-bottomed pot, preferably stainless steel, and let reduce until the white wine is almost evaporated (but not browned).  Add the heavy cream, let reduce again until the cream starts thickening.  Start adding butter, one piece at a time, while stirring constantly until all the butter is added and melted.  Add the salt and pepper.
Keep the beurre blanc in a double boiler for up to 4 hours if stirred occasionally.  Do not allow geting too hot or it will break (separate).  If it gets too cool, it will also break when attempting to heat again.
The beurre blanc sauce can be flavored with herbs such as basil, chives, parsley or spices.  Use your imagination!
Double Poolside Pleasure