YEARS OF SERVICE to make a good chef.  It is also very
important to build a strong foundation in a quality
culinary school
After the school is completed, that is when it really starts.  It is in
your best interest to work in a establishment where high volume is combined with a chef dedicated to quality, and where most items are made from "scratch".  When you are searching for a place like that, ask the chef if they make their own stocks, dressings, sauces etc.  Also ask if they cut their own steaks, and fillet their fish "in house".  Avoid places where they are using canned or frozen vegetables.  How are you going to get proper knife skills if all the vegetables are already prepared?
A place like this may pay you less, and be mentally and physically challenging to work (typically traditional European chefs), but those who "survives" this, will become stronger than the rest, and become great chefs.
If you want to be a chef, here are some advice for you...
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