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I love being a chef because that is what I was born to be. My contagious passion for the culinary arts
enabled me to work in a fascinating variety of venues from cruise ships, upscale hotels to creating and
executing cutting edge corporate America banquets.

For most of my adult career, here and abroad, I was accustomed to working a minimum 60 to 80 hours a week as an Executive Chef. Now as an Instructor of the
culinary arts, I work to inspire future chefs to be creative and exacting, and to produce wonderful plates for restaurant patrons. Their satisfaction isn't just in graduating
pupils, but also in sharing my expertise with engaged learners and knowing that those students will excel in a profession they love.

The versatility of being a Culinary Instructor allowed me to create Personalized Chef. It enables me to explore my creative outlet and execute new delicious concepts to
those who truly have a passion and appreciation for great food and presentation. The culinary field is always changing and you can learn something new everyday.
This personalized experience is what Chef Geir can bring to your table.

If you love the idea of hosting an intimate dinner party or having a cocktail party with friends, but don’t have the time or culinary experience to do so, Chef Geir is happy
to be of assistance. We are offering a variety of services including; small dinner parties, cocktail parties, wedding showers and barbecues. Whether it’s a simple dish
for some friends or an elaborate four course meal, Chef Geir is sure to make it a stress-free evening for any host. Having a personal chef prepare gourmet foods at
your dinner party will not only impress your friends, but it will also allow you, as a host, to enjoy your company without being stuck in the kitchen. You will also get expert
consultation on wine and food pairings to ensure the ultimate dining experience. You and your guests will feel completely pampered without the hassle of going to a
fine dining restaurant.

We will plan a menu, shop for the ingredients, prepare and serve the meal.

We will provide wine service including a bartender, if necessary.

We will clean up after the meal has concluded.

The size of the function is only limited by the space (dining area, kitchen or backyard). We prefer to limit the party size from 2 to 20 persons. However exceptions will be
made, as in the case of a cocktail party or a BBQ, which may be less formal.

We can serve any meal period; breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We can provide cooking classes for individuals or groups (limit 6 participants)

For all our services provided, we make every effort to use local and sustainable ingredients to provide you with the freshest and healthiest tastes and flavors.

Would you like to learn the basics of cooking but are not interested in being in a large class? Or would you like to know how to throw the perfect party but don’t know
where to start? Then cooking classes are just the thing for you. Taught in your home, cooking classes are a great way to learn more about a variety of foods and
techniques either individually in private lessons or with others in a group setting.  Group lessons are perfect for wedding showers, small corporate functions, or just an
excuse to get a group of friends together. Chef Geir will come into your home and demonstrate food preparation and techniques. Then, you and your friends get hands-
on attention while executing recipes. It will be an unique and fun experience remembered by all.
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Want Chef Lenny - Food-Network's newest Celebrity Chef too?

No problem!  He happens to be a good friend of mine, and will
gladly "sling some pans" with me (Spring and early summer
2015 only).